Another UFO has been spotted in the Northland! This time, the spooky sight occurred in the Duluth area.

The sighting happened in early May but it seems to have flown under the radar - no pun intended. After all this talk about UFOs in the news lately, I decided to go to the National UFO Reporting Center to see if there had been any supernatural sightings in our area as of late and it turns out, there has been!

The UFO sighting was reported on April 18th. According to the report, the sighting was about ten minutes long and happened sometime in the evening.

The reporting party states that the UFO formation was in the form of a triangle, with one dot at each point. Here's how he described the rest of the encounter:

I was letting my dog inside. It has been partly cloudy today, so there were no stars, but I saw three lights in the formation of a triangle, probably hovering around 6,000ft, and completely silent. I unfortunately do not have a mobile phone or a camera to photograph it with. It hovered silently for 10 minutes before the lights flew away. For the sake of my credibility, I am an elderly gentleman, but I have clear vision and no health or drinking problems. I have been with the Catholic church since I was a boy and I would never lie about something like this.

Wow! This is pretty spooky. It is even spookier when you take into consideration all the other UFO sightings that have happened in the area.

Shortly after this sighting, the U.S. government confirmed the presence of extraterrestrial phenomena. Where will a UFO sighting happen next?

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