Earlier this week it was discovered that a Central Hillside home in Duluth had over 60 cats that were taken away by authorities.   Animal Allies is asking for your help:

The City of Duluth Animal Control and the Duluth Police Department are addressing a major hoarding situation that involves over 60 cats and kittens. The police investigation in the matter is on-going at this time. The cats are currently being held at the City of Duluth animal control facility. Animal Allies medical staff are working with the City to determine the health of the animals.

In order to make room in the shelters for the huge number of cats from this hoarding situation, we are offering no-fee cat adoptions for all cats currently in our adoption program at either location. We are asking the community for support; we need adopters, foster families, and financial donations to effectively address this remarkable crisis. If you are interested in assisting, please call Animal Allies at 218-722-2110.

Also today, we interviewed Sarah from Animal Allies.  She mentioned that in the case of foster families, people can take a quick training and help out with the shelter.

We need foster homes for some of these pets to help them get the correct nutrition before they are adoptable, and get them up to wait.  Also, in some cases, it is helpful to socialize the cats after these types of hoarding situations.

So if you're looking to help out as a foster family, or become a permanent home for one of these cats, call Animal Allies at 218-722-5341 in Duluth, or in Superior at 715-394-7387.

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