Ciders have been the latest thing that have been gaining popularity in the last several years.  One of the most popular brands that is widely distributed is Angry Orchard.  I've not been a fan of Angry Orchard, because I prefer dryer and less sweet ciders.  I saw this at the liquor store the other day and figured I would have to try it.

It is less sweet than the traditional cider, as it should be.  It's in the name, after all.  It leaves less of a sweet, biting after taste, and it does accomplish a nice balance.  It retains the "cider" color that the traditional Angry Orchard possesses when you pour it into the glass.  There's even the rich cloudiness that lets you know its the real stuff.

It's still not my favorite cider, but it's a product that I will buy again.  It's also nice that it's a major brand so it will be easier to find at different liquor stores.


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