If you are a fan of M&M's and really who isn't then hold on to your hard candy shell because their will be an entire store devoted to the delicious goodness of M&M's. I am a fan of peanut  M&M's the true classic, but now we all have a variety to try.

An exact date that they will open has not been announced yet, but they will take over the space of the former American Girl doll store and plan to pay homage to the midwest in the way it is going to be designed and decorated. Speaking of designs according to the Star Tribune they will have a wall of M&M-filled tubes to mix and match your own variety pack along with a personalization station where your name or photo could be imprinted on the candies. There also will be a three-story glass elevator up to a third-floor observation deck that is still being designed and stations designed for Instagram shots.

Patrick McIntyre, director of global retail at Mars Retail Group said  "Mall of America is a fantastic opportunity for an M&M experiential store." He went on to say "The M&Ms store is designing change into the design. There will be one part of the store that will change, either testing a new concept or offering a seasonal option such as ice cream in the summer." Either way this store is a win for both MOA and M&M's. Stay tune for when an opening day is announced!


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