Take that step, come on, take it....I'll help you.  While you are distracted by your fear of failure in the program, your body will begin the transformation.  Before you know it, you'll begin to notice things....little things, but you'll notice.   Then, your mind will begin focusing on the changes your body and now, your attitude has gone through, during your 8 week heart health makeover.  Fear of ....what?  Doesn't matter anymore, that word doesn't exist in your vocabulary.  You ARE healthier, you DID make the necessary changes and you are SUCCESSFUL!  I'll help you.  Here's how it works-


The American Heart Association announced today it is seeking applicants for its third Go Red For Women Makeover Challenge. As part of the 8th annual Northland Go Red for Women Luncheon, eight women will be selected to participate in the makeover challenge presented by Essentia Health and SuperOne Foods. Applications must be postmarked or received by November 18, 2011. Applicants selected to participate will be notified by December 5 and the Challenge kick-off will be January 9, 2012.

The women chosen to participate in the Challenge will take part in an eight week heart health makeover where each woman will have access to a fitness facility and medical professionals from Essentia Health and St. Luke’s. Each participant will take part in an initial wellness screening where height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart health numbers will be measured. The Challengers will track their progress using social media and showcase their hearth health successes at the Northland Go Red For Women Luncheon on March 7 at the Greysolon Ballroom in Duluth.

Visit www.heart.org/northlandgoredapply for an application. Return the completed application by e-mail, fax, mail or in person.

E-mail: northlandgored@heart.org.

Fax: (701) 251-2092

Mail:  Brietta Iverson

Attn: Go Red Challenge-Duluth

The American Heart Association

1005 Twelfth Ave. S.E.

Jamestown, North Dakota 58401

Hand deliver:

The American Heart Association

Attn: Go Red Challenge

630 US Bank Place

130 W Superior St.

Duluth, MN 55802

For more information about the Go Red For Women Makeover Challenge, applicants can contact Kim Gear at 218-727-7297