This is the best news ever! Amazon is offering free shipping for ALL users from now through December 22nd.

Amazon Prime members get shipping for free but now non-Prime members can also get their packages sent to their doors for no charge.

There is one catch: non-Prime members won't get their packages in a super timely manner. Instead, they will get their purchases anywhere from five to eight days after placing an order. Prime members can still get their packages in two days.

Usually non-Prime members must fork over at least $25 dollars to qualify for free shipping. Amazon Prime members have to pay a yearly fee, which includes free shipping on all packages.

Despite the catch, this is still a GREAT deal, especially with the holidays coming up. If you get a head start on your shopping on Amazon itself, you won't need the quicker shipping options anyway. Plus, I am totally the person who will fill the cart up with goodies but not follow through because I don't want to pay the shipping. Now this problem is solved!

Other retailers are also trying to profit off of the holiday season. Target is offering a similar deal: customers can get two-day shipping for free on ALL purchases. Walmart will offer up free two-day shipping on a minimum purchase of $35 dollars.

Happy shopping!

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