The 90th Annual Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, and WalletHub has released their 2018 Oscars Facts Report so you can watch the awards and amaze your friends with your new knowledge. 

The 2018 Oscars broadcast begins Sunday, March 4 at 7:00 p.m. on WDIO-TV.

I found it interesting that it costs a whopping $44 million to produce the broadcast alone.  The red carpet is also pricey, coming in at $24,700.  Meanwhile host Jimmy Kimmel will take home $15,000 for his efforts.

What didn't shock me was that the 4 Best Picture nominees with the lowest budgets also have the highest Rotten Tomatoes scores, meaning they are some of the best reviewed films of the year.  Big budgets can make a movie an incredible experience, but in no way does spending more money mean you're making a great movie.

Every year I do a friendly bet with my family on who will win every single category and I usually finish 1st or 2nd.  However, I'm behind big time in seeing movies this year so I have some work to do prior to Sunday night.

Enjoy these fun facts and I'll see ya in the theater.


Source: WalletHub

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