Anyone else noticing an early onset of seasonal allergies? My eyes are burning, my nose is running, and I've been periodically having a hard time breathing. I mentioned this to my doctor, and he said that it's a particularly bad year for Ragweed and other pollen this fall.

I found this on WebMD to back it up, saying that this year's ragweed season is one for the books! Experts say it has to do with extreme weather, which could partially blame climate change. The warmer the summers, the more ragweed grows.

Another interesting point they make is to avoid outdoor exposure in the morning and early afternoon hours when pollen is at it's worst. You could always try over the counter allergy medication, or also sprays and decongestants depending on your symptoms.

Locally, the pollen map has been showing medium to medium high amounts for our area. It does forecast that we will see levels begin to drop soon.


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