I have always suffered from allergies but this is my first official "allergy season" in Duluth and I can truly say, they are the worst they've ever been!

All week I have been a coughing, sneezing, nose-blowing mess. At first I thought I was getting sick but I soon realized my allergies were back full force.

There's not much we can do other than buy some nasal spray and keep the tissues handy. At the very least, we deserve a good laugh.

I did some browsing to see if I could find any photos - the cheesier, the better - that would paint a picture of just how I have felt this week. Thankfully, I found many and I think many people in the Northland will be able to relate to them, especially if you are currently hacking like I am. Hello pollen!

Here are five photos that I think sum up allergy season in Duluth. Laugh away!

  • pojoslaw, ThinkStock
    pojoslaw, ThinkStock

    The Nose Blowing

    This has pretty much been me for the past week, except my tissues thrown about doesn't look as poetic. Blowing your nose isn't so bad if you compare it to the watery and itchy eyes, cough, fatigue, etc. but it's definitely a surefire sign you're a victim of allergy season in the Northland.

  • Sharon Barnes, ThinkStock
    Sharon Barnes, ThinkStock

    The Sneezing

    Once it starts, it's hard to turn off. Enough said.

  • Martinan, ThinkStock
    Martinan, ThinkStock

    The Tears

    This seems dramatic but hear me out: coughing, the headaches, the wheezing, dry eyes, itchy skin - it's enough to make a person go mad after a few days. Whether it looks like you're crying because you're eyes are watery or you're crying because you're over allergy season, the tears come either way.

  • Piotr Marcinski, ThinkStock
    Piotr Marcinski, ThinkStock

    The Fatigue

    When allergy season comes calling, like it is right now, it's hard to stay awake. Coughing and the sneezing can be exhausting. When you pair that with the fatigue allergies bring, it's enough to knock you out. (I do spy nasal spray in this picture by the way and that is my most prized possession right now.)

  • damedeeso, ThinkStock
    damedeeso, ThinkStock

    The Desperate Measures

    I kid you not - the other night I pulled out a cold compress just like this one. I have only used it once or twice but I was so desperate to feel better that I thought it couldn't hurt. Desperate times, desperate measures. That's what allergy season in the area will do to a person.

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