Our family is pretty big into take n bake pizza's.  We like to save a little money, but still get a good quality pizza.  I've been doing a lot of shopping at the ALDI store in Superior, and I thought it was time to try their cheap take n bake pizzas.

It's made by Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen, and Mama Cozzi's makes other sauces and products that ALDI carries.  I haven't had a bad experience with any of them yet, so that was a good sign.

I bought an extra large pepperoni pizza because that's what the kids will eat.  It was 16" and had a pretty hearty crust.  It sold for $4.49.  The pizza barely fit in the oven, and it took about 16 minutes to get to golden perfection.


It was fantastic!  It's got plenty of flavor, the crust actually bakes and expands to the point where it is actually slightly larger than the cardboard tray.  (Don't put the tray in the oven.)  Good cheese, good sauce, and the crust is filling.  That's a good thing when you're feeding a bunch of people.

The supreme pizza was very delicious as well.  For both pizzas it only cost us $9.  That's a pretty good price to feed our family with leftovers.  The quality is definitely worth more.

So, once again I'm impressed with an "off" brand at ALDI.