Previously, we told you how the Browns got into some hot water after pleading guilty to fraud.   They had claimed that they lived in Alaska from 2009-2012, and received a pay dividend from oil money.  Now, the sentencing has come down, and it looks like Billy and his one son Joshua (aka Bam Bam) will be going behind bars for 30 days.

Superior Court Judge Philip Pallenberg imposed the sentence Monday for 63-year-old Billy Brown and one of Brown’s sons, Joshua.

Both pleaded guilty to unsworn falsification. Their sentences also include restitution, community service and probation, and neither will be eligible for future Alaska Permanent Fund dividends.

The state plans to dismiss charges against other members of the family.


Also, previously Billy Brown had phoned in to the courts from Washington previously, making many people wonder why he wasn't in Alaska.  In a more recent episode we see that Billy is having health issues with seizures, and we can speculate that his health could be the reason he wasn't on the property featured in the TV show.

Here's a taste of what the show is all about if you're unfamiliar.

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