You may have caught this on TV last night, and you may have had a hard time finding any information this morning about the new documentary.   From what I've gathered, it appears Discovery Channel has picked up a mini series called "Worst Place to be a Pilot."  They've renamed it and marketed it as "Air Pressure."  It's a pretty good show if you enjoy watching the adventures of bush flying.

The show follows mostly young Brits who are trying to get experience in the cockpit.  Since it's very difficult to get their first job in the UK, they come to Susi Airlines in Indonesia, which is a very dangerous place to fly.

After the first episode, the mini series looks very promising.   Discovery doesn't have any YouTube videos or even promos of the show yet, so I did a little searching and actually found out that it was originally titled "Worst Place To Be A Pilot," and you can watch the first episode here.

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