What a shock!  Reality TV may not actually be real!?  I'll get to that in a minute, but first here's what's going on with the Browns.   Billy Brown and his Son Joshua have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fraud charges for claiming residency in Alaska from 2009-2012.

Basically, they applied for and received personal divided funds from the state of Alaska.  These funds are typically given to people who have lived in Alaska for at least a year.  It turns out though, during that time that they weren't actually living in Alaska!

In a signed statement with the plea deal Wednesday, Billy Brown wrote that he left Alaska in October 2009 and didn’t return until August 2012. At the time, he wrote on PFD applications that he lived on Mosman Island in Southeast Alaska.

“By submitting falsified PFD applications for myself and my children, I stole $7,956 from the people of Alaska,” Brown wrote.

Juneau Superior Court Judge Philip Pallenberg will consider the plea deal Thursday afternoon. He called PFD fraud a serious matter and said that in prior cases, it deserved jail time.

“It’s a theft from everybody, every resident of the state of Alaska,” he said.

If Pallenberg accepts the plea deal, prosecutors will drop all charges against Amora “Ami” Brown, 52, and three of the adult children: Solomon “Bear” Brown, 28, Gabriel “Gabe” Brown, 25, and Noah Brown, 23. But first, the four of them must each pay back nearly $3,000 in dividends and complete 20 hours of community service.

You can read more about it at missopen.com.

Also worth noting is that Billy Brown didn't show up in court in Juneau, instead calling in from Seattle.  So does that mean the family isn't living on their island?  Or is it just where his lawyer's office is?   There's a lot of questions here, and I've been skeptical about how real the show is.

If you're unaware of the show, check out this clip below.


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