Ok, this is embarrassing, I don't even wash my walls (my friend Kathy does!) and the City of Duluth makes me look bad by washing the BRIDGE!  Getting it all shined up for tourist season (dang seagulls!).  But, that means some single lane traffic you should know about.

The City of Duluth will be washing the roadway and decking of our iconic Aerial Lift Bridge TODAY, April 30.  That means changes for motorists using the Aerial Lift Bridge.   In order to complete this work, the Lift Bridge will be down to singular lane traffic from 8:00 AM until about 3:00 PM. You'll see traffic cones and traffic lights set up as you approach the bridge  to help with the control of traffic flow.  Time of completion is uncertain, but they expect to be done by 3p and two way traffic will resume.


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