The Aerial Lift Bridge recently went to it's Fall schedule which means it will only lift upon request from marine traffic.  I had blogged that fact indicating that you won't be bridged as often, however, on Monday and Tuesday you will experience congestion and delays near the bridge.


The Minnesota DOT has a planned fracture critical inspection on the lift bridge on Monday and Tuesday.   That means that the roadway will need to be down to one way traffic. You can expect one way traffic from 8 am to 4 pm both days.

There will be additional traffic congestion due to a rebuild construction of the pumping station on Park Point.  That has already caused the traffic to be altered as you come off the bridge on the Park Point side.

Please be very cognoscente of the traffic cones and the traffic lights on the bridge. The traffic lights on the bridge will tell you when it's safe to proceed across the bridge. I

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