It's the same old Sandler, but with new material. And that's not a bad thing. Adam Sandler 100% Fresh Netflix special will please Adam Sandler fans and remind you why he made you laugh in the first place so many years ago.

I gotta be honest, I haven't seen Sandler do stand up comedy since way back in the 90's. As teenagers, my friends and I would listen to his albums and laugh hysterically. It was vulgar, a little wacky, but above all else it was funny. And I haven't seen that Sandler for a long time until this Netflix special.

I'm not gonna be one of the people that like to rag on his movies. Some were better than others, and it's nearly impossible to make a comedy that's going to get positive reviews. Humor is such an intangible thing to judge or rate. You get it or you don't. What I can say though is this 100% Fresh special took me a few minutes to get back to where I was 20 years ago in my friends basement listening to Sandler while playing Sim City on Super Nintendo.

That being said, once you realize where you are and what's going on, it's pretty funny. Yes some parts are cringeworthy uncomfortable, especially watching it with my wife. But we laughed. It's about 60% stand up comedy, and 40% original Adam Sandler Songs. He's a pretty talented musician and you can tell he's had decades more experience as he can rock out on the guitar, craft pretty funny rap songs, and bring you to tears with a heartfelt tribute to his friend Chris Farley.

Yeah while most comedians go out on a big laugh, Sandler gets sentimental towards the end and it's a tribute to his fans. It really is a nice connection that actually makes you feel like we've shared a piece of our life with "The Sandman."


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