I just returned to our house after picking the kids up from school and daycare and noticed the guy was going around the block handing out the new phone book.   "New phone book is here!" I said, like the line from Steve Martin's "The Jerk."  My 3rd grader, Zach, asked perplexed, "What's a Phone Book?"  Is it a book that you can make calls on, like a tablet or something?  WOW.

You see, in his world he's never seen one used.  Since he's been old enough to remember, we've always googled phone numbers.  This was a strange concept to him that people would actually look up in the phone book someone's number.

So I went to show him how it worked and I looked for one of his older relatives.  I searched for three names in the white pages.   None of them had numbers listed.   A sign of the times I guess.