Best. News. Ever.

Shake Shack is coming to Minnesota - again. The restaurant will open a second location in Edina.

The new spot will open on Tuesday, October 30th and just like the first Shake Shack location to open in Minnesota, this one will also be in a mall.

The area's Southdale Mall is where the new 'Shack' will call home. It is located at 6630 France Avenue South at the corner of West 66th Street.

There will also be a soft opening the day before - Monday, October 29th. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Autism Society of Minnesota.

This Shake Shack will be a lot like the one located at Mall of America in Bloomington. The only difference will be their dessert offerings. They will offer up a delicious and unique selection of frozen custards, including Pie Oh My, Choc Of The Town and Hopscotch.

Edina is located about 2 and 1/2 hours from Duluth southwest of the Twin Cities. Coming from someone who loves Shake Shack very much, trust me when I say it is worth the drive - no matter how long. Ha!

The other Shake Shack location opened in 2016. Our lives have been better ever since.

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