The Happy Gnome in St. Paul, Minnesota is going for gold in their attempt to build the World's Largest Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar.

The Silver Grill in Old Town Fort Collins, CO. currently holds the title of 'World's Largest Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar' according to The World Record Academy.

The Happy Gnome, along with Surly Brewery, are looking kick The Silver Grill off the mountain top. The current record for condiments on a Bloody Mary is 45 condiments. The Happy Gnome is looking to have over 60 items.

But before they have their official attempt at the world record next year, they are having a 'dress rehearsal' in April to make sure they have everything in order. The dress rehearsal is going to take place one day after the 10th annual Firkin Fest.

If you want to go to the event, you can purchase tickets HERE, and with it includes:

  • Access to the record breaking Bloody Mary Bar
  • A brunch buffet
  • Keepsake Surly glassware
  • Surly draft beer available for purchase



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