When I heard that Eric Church was bringing Dwight Yoakam to open his 'The Outsiders Tour', I thought it was a good fit.  Despite their success, they both consider themselves outside of the mainstream.

I also think that Eric should consider bringing a band on the road with him, a band that formed in 1989 and has always been labeled as "alternative country".  Eric Church, I challenge you to bring The Mavericks with you this summer to Target Center.

The Mavericks were always a fun band that never took themselves too seriously, but don't let that fool you into believing these guys aren't exceptionally talented.

Their biggest hit in the United States was 'All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down', but for my Country Throwback this week I'm going with their biggest hit in the UK.

Enjoy the video for 'Dance The Night Away', which was a big hit in 1998.  The Mavericks did recently reunite and are out there again playing together, with or without Eric Church.


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