In case you hadn't heard, Tuesday night Randy Travis was arrested for a DWI.  Cops found him on the side of the road, where he crashed his Pontiac Trans Am.  He was naked and very drunk.  There also was a 911 call from a convenience store where he tried to purchase cigarettes... naked.  What the heck happened?  Here's some possible explanations:

1.  Alien Abduction. Is it just a coincidence that our Mars rover has been poking around in another planet the same week Randy was arrested?  I think not.  I bet we sparked the interest of E.T. and it decided to send it's own probe right to us.  Somehow it found Randy, did some tests, next thing you know you're on the side of the road naked.  Totally explainable.

2.  It's crazy hot in Texas! It's been over 100 degrees in his town all week!  I mean it almost makes since to strip naked and get drunk to escape the heat!  Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm sure it happened that way!

3.  Gambling problem. Lost the shirt of his back gambling.  Too drunk to notice?

4.  Online dating gone wrong.

Randy's profile:

SWM looking for woman, likes music and bottles of wine.  I will love you forever and ever Amen.

So he finds a lady online.  She says meet me at the Kwik Trip oustide of Tioga.  Let's make this kinky.  Show up naked. Randy, obviously shy, has a few drinks to loosen up.  He gets there, realizes she's not going to show, and then races home.  Cops find you at the most inopportune times.

5.  Publicity Stunt. At some points any publicity is good publicity.  Maybe it was a crazy idea that came up after drinking too much.

6.  Got into a fight with a grizzly bear, bear ripped off his clothes. End of story.

7.  Ambien. The famous sleep walking side effect.  Think about it - there's been ton of stories where people drive in their sleep from ambien!

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