Jason Aldean will drop his highly anticipated studio 'Rearview Town' Friday morning and as we inch closer to the release date, we are learning more about what the project will bring.

One thing we know we can count on? A duet with Miranda Lambert. The tune is called 'Drowns The Whiskey' but did you know it won't be the first time the two have teamed up?

Back when they were both starting out in the music business, the two recorded a song for Aldean's second album. Because they weren't country heavyweights just yet, the tune flew under the radar. It was never released as a single and never fully appreciated the way it would be if it was released now.

In fact, Lambert has collaborated with several other country artists through her incredible career. Many of the songs she's worked on have been deep cuts, meaning they've never been released to radio.

In honor of 'Whiskey,' here are 5 other times the artist has spread her musical magic.

  • 1

    We Were Us, Keith Urban

    Sure, this tune won a CMA Award for 'Musical Event Of The Year' back in the day and shot to number one on the country charts, but it deserved even more love than that. Lambert's voice blended perfectly with Urban's and, in an unusual twist, she anchored the song by singing the first verse. It was different in all the best ways.

  • 2

    Old Habits, Justin Moore

    How this song flew under the radar, I will never know. A deep cut on one of Moore's earlier albums, this heartbreaking tune is as country as it gets. Two lovers sing about breaking the habits they had with their former significant lover. It will have you flooded with emotion from the first line to the last. That's what country music is all about with all the grit Lambert is known for.

  • 3

    Better In The Long Run, Blake Shelton

    In an ironic twist of fate, the two former lovebirds sang this breakup tune while they were still happily married. It was never released as a single but it would have been a career-defining song for both. The vocals are crazy good. This one deserved better.

  • 4

    I Wish You Were Here, Charles Kelley

    Lady A member Charles Kelley recruited Lambert while the band was on hiatus. She sings harmonies on this soft, touching song about missing someone while on the road. She takes the song to another level.

  • 5

    Draggin' The River, Blake Shelton

    Leave it to Lambert and Shelton to sing a song about disappearing to pull of a shotgun wedding. Very few artists can pull off a song this hilarious while still being taken seriously. It's not a heartbreak song like so many duets are. It's a tune packed with charisma and witty lyrics and a story that's worth hearing, no matter how ridiculous. Come for the first line and stay for the chorus.

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