A few months ago I blogged about what my wife and I experienced during the 1st trimester.  I went from a guy's point of view.  Well, now we've past the second trimester and I've got some more things that you can expect, guys.  They say every pregnancy is different, but talking with friends, these seem to happen to everyone.

1.  She's gonna pop. 

Duh right?  Yet it was still kind of like, "Holy hell, what happened overnight!?"  Yep, it can happen that fast.  She'll have a slight baby bump and then the next day it will seem to have tripled in size.  Words you should never use are, "Wow you're getting big!"  "Are you just bloated?" "Are you using the coca butter for stretch marks?" (I was trying to remind her for her, not for me...  BAD IDEA.)

2.   Doctor's visits are a little less weird.

The most frightening doctor visit was definitely the first, where they probe your wife like some type of lab specimen.   The next really aren't that bad.  Most of them are just check ups and listening for the heart beat.  Then you get to the ultra sound.

3.  First look at the baby. 

I was pretty nervous and excited about getting to see the baby for the first time.  The set up was pretty nice.  There was a big screen tv, and my wife laid on the table and they gelled up her belly and started looking around.  It's a weird feeling, because up until now, all you've seen is a little flutter and your wife eating strange things and feeling sick.  This is proof and you can't wait to share the picture with people.  It's a terrible, grainy, hard to make out picture, but you show everyone you know like it's a perfect portrait.  Yep, you've become that annoying expecting dad.  I guess it's destiny.

4.  Morning sickness probably has left by now.

The first trimester is usually when the worst morning sickness seems to happen.  My wife started to regain an appetite, and spent less time being nauseous.  That was a good thing, because for a while there I was throwing away a bunch of food and worrying if she was getting the proper nutrition.

5.  The baby starts to move.

This at first scared the living daylights out of me.  It was just so foreign and weird to me that there was another moving being inside of my wife's body.   I kept having thoughts (and still do) about the movie Alien.  But after a while, it's pretty cool.  You can feel it kick and you can see it move around sometimes if you look close.   It's reassuring to know it's doing fine in there and healthy.


Check back for the 3rd trimester and birth, coming soon!