Here we are finally in summer and as I looked through my vehicle I noticed I had some things still accessible that I keep in there year round.  Then I took a road trip with a friend of mine and realized they had some of the same things.

I quickly realized that there are just some things that people in Duluth, Superior, Hermantown, Two Harbors, Cloquet and all across the Northland always have in their vehicle.



  • Cotton Candy Photography
    Cotton Candy Photography

    Windshield Washer Fluid

    In the summer you can quickly get a massive bug mess on your windshield.  In the winter it can be a salty, sandy, snowy disaster.  Windshield washer fluid is a year-round must.  Remember to transition to the kind that's harder to freeze before the snow falls.

  • Cups & Cakes Photography
    Cups & Cakes Photography

    Jumper Cables

    Jumper cables can save you in the winter and allow you to be the hero for someone else.  It's not a bad idea to keep them handy at all times because you never know when someone will leave a door cracked open or leave the lights on.

  • No Lessons Photography
    No Lessons Photography

    Ice Scraper

    Yes, I still have an ice scraper in my vehicle.  I know there really is no need to still have this in there, but our summer's are so short that what's the point of taking it out.  Plus, I know I'll be ready when we get snow in a few months.

  • Lightning Egg Photography
    Lightning Egg Photography


    A shovel tends to come in handy in winter more than any other season, but if you have a small shovel keep it in there year-round.  You never know when you're out camping and the need to dig will arise.


  • Happy Song Photography
    Happy Song Photography


    For me, it's beef jerky.  For others it may be crackers or candy, but food is a must to have in the car.  In the summer, after I go running or I'm driving to a softball game without dinner, it's perfect.  In the winter, it could save you if you get stranded in a storm.

    These are 5 things I always have in my vehicle, I bet you you have at least a couple in yours.  What did I miss?






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