You're the chosen one, Thanksgiving will be at your house and besides cleaning you now have to invite, make a list, grocery shop, make sure you have enough plates, make the table festive and umpteen other things to make the day enjoyable (and one up your sister-in-law from last year).  There is bound to be a few things that go by the wayside.  I'm hoping this list will serve as a reminder and make your Thanksgiving Day easier.

  • Cathy Kates
    Cathy Kates

    Plastic Containers For Leftovers

    Leftovers are a given at Thanksgiving and inevitably someone will want to take some of what you prepared home.  Take it as a compliment, but also be ready to pack it up for travel.  Plastic Ziploc bags can be used for some things, but it's always nicer to get a container with a lid.  Think ahead and purchase some extras so you're not left with an empty cupboard.  This is my container drawer at home.  I think I'm set and it's somewhat in order.  You just might get your container returned with something yummy in it!

  • Chris Hondros/Getty Images
    Chris Hondros/Getty Images

    Clean Your Fridge Out Now

    You're going to need refrigerator space and lots of it.  Seriously, when's the last time you cleaned your fridge anyhow?  There's probably things that are expired that you can toss and make room for not only what you're preparing, but for what your guests may show up with.  They'll walk through the door, hug you and say "can we just put this platter/casserole/jug of moonshine in your fridge until it's time to eat"?  (the same might happen with oven space, it's good to know what they're bringing so you can plan ahead).

  • Peter Macdiarmid /Getty Images
    Peter Macdiarmid /Getty Images

    Where's Your Table Cover?

    The big day has arrived and you are going to start to set the table.  You haven't used your table cloth for the dining room table WITH the extensions since Aunt Mable's 80th birthday party three years ago.  You pull out your table covering and it's stained, wrinkled and you have to start cooking soon.  YIKES!  Avoid, avoid, avoid by pulling it out now and determining if it can be salvaged or if you need to search the circular for a white sale.  While we're on the subject, pull out any specialty dishes you might be using like the turkey platter, gravy boat and such so you can wash the dust off and be ready to roll.

  • Justin Sullivan /Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan /Getty Images

    Good Gosh, Thaw The Turkey

    From experienced turkey cookers, you need days, yes days to thaw your frozen turkey properly so it's safe to consume.  There's a general rule in place:  one day for every 4 pounds of turkey.  If you're tackling a biggun, you have GOT to be thinking ahead.  There's a lot of math involved with cooking a turkey.  Figuring out how long to thaw it, how long to cook it per pound and how much you actually consumed once it was cooked.  Avoid having to serve a turkey loaf, do your math, plan ahead and enjoy!

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