If you are anything like me, the cold air seems to wick all of the moisture in my body away for the 5 long months of winter. I literally gob lotion on all over my body on a daily basis which sometimes is not the most logical option. And, on those really cold gray days you might want to just get away from it all and relax with a spa day at home.

These 5 products all found on Amazon will help you feel fresh, moisturized, relaxed and looking great through these rough couple of months. As long as you live here winter is inevitable, so why not pamper yourself and keep feeling good inside and out.

Can you imagine your own private steam room in your house? This steamer is really cool in that it has multiple functions. Not only can it help with your skin it can humidify a whole room or warm up your towels too. I would think this could help keep you healthy too from colds and other germs by steaming them away. OK maybe that is a stretch but when I had a cold and would be all plugged up my Mom would have me stand over a pot with boiling water so the steam could help clear my sinuses. Either way this will make you feel fresh.

I think bath bombs are one of the coolest things ever invented, if these were around when I was a kid I would have loved to take a bath instead of the old standby Mr. Bubble. But these bath bombs are not for the kids, these are luxury all natural organic bath bombs that are sure to help melt away the worries and stress of the week.

When it comes to face masks you really want to be careful. I have seen some horror stories on the internet of people screaming while trying to take off their masks and then  their skin is all red and blotchy. Oh no that is not a good look. This particular mask is all natural with organic ingredients and cruelty free which means it was not tested on animals (very important in my book). So whether you are trying to stave off those wrinkles or just want to revitalize your face this might work for you.

This one hits home huge for me. For someone like me who does not work out in the elements and honestly in the winter am outside as little as possible I have the driest hands of anyone in the Twin Ports. There is not enough lotion on the planet for me to keep my hands from looking like an alligators back or my favorite sometimes getting the cracked bloody knuckles. Gross! I love using gloves like these at night while I sleep because honestly who wants to walk around inside with these things on. I love the 100 % cotton super soft factor, they are nice and thick and dermatologist recommended. So keep those mitts moist while you sleep.

With so many different types of lotions available it can be some work to find a lotion that you like. I am the type of person that uses the same lotion for my entire body. I don't have one just for my face or just for my feet I use it all over. Of course I start with my face first and work my way down, feet are gross and I sure would not want my lotion hands touching my face with my feet germs. This particular lotion would work for everyone in the family, all natural ingredients, no chemicals no fake fragrances just all natural oils. And who knows this type of lotion could maybe even entice your boyfriend or husband to lotion up those rough dry hands.


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