Everyone seems to be pretty sad about the fact that summer is coming to an end. While summer is great, so is fall - especially in the Northland.

Fall usually means snow in Duluth and beyond. While this could definitely be the case in the Northland soon, there are many other things we can look forward to!

Things to get excited about range from everything from amazing shows coming to AMSOIL Arena (hello, Chris Young) to being able to bust out your sweaters to taking in the beautiful picturesque landscape in the Northland.

(Of course, we also can't rule out the fact that Halloween in the Northland is awesome, too! It is often gloomy during the fall season around here and that makes it eerie in its own special way. Ha!)

Let's all turn our frowns around and get excited about all of the amazing things we have coming our way.

  • 1

    Fall Colors

    It is a well known fact that the fall colors in the Northland are absolutely breathtaking. It makes the transition from hot to cold a little bit easier to take. Ha!

  • 2

    Cooler Weather

    Okay, so not everyone is a fan BUT it is better to be a little bit chilly than sweating bullets. We definitely had a few hot days over the summer and it'll be nice to soak in temperatures somewhere in the middle - if only for a day or two.

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    Fun Events

  • 4

    The Haunted Shack

    You know I had to sneak some Halloween festivities in here! I look forward to The Haunted Shack every single year and this year is no exception. Last year, in particular, was epic!

  • 5

    Nearby Spooky Haunts

    October is known for Halloween, of course and with that comes the need for Halloween festivities! There are haunted attractions, like I mentioned, but there are also a bunch of awesome road trip opportunities. With the fall weather as a backdrop, the Northland is the perfect place to celebrate spooky season.

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