Just a few years ago, Meghan Markle was another Hollywood actress. She had a starring role on USA Network's hit "Suits" and appeared in other small, supporting roles on the big screen throughout her career. Today, she's a duchess.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you probably know the American married into the British royal family over the weekend. Her and Prince Harry tied the knot and the two will probably live happily ever after, doing good around the world and being madly in love.

It sounds like a real-life fairy tale and that's because it is. There is one downside to her new life though. (If you count any of these as major pitfalls to having married into one of the most powerful families in the world.)

It's no secret you have to give up a lot to enter into the life of royalty but besides the expected - no more social media or selfies! - there are a few other odd rules and regulations Markle has to follow.

Here are the 5 strangest things she can't do anymore.

  • 1

    Show PDA

    A royal etiquette expert (yes, this is a job) told People Magazine that there is no official rule or regulation against showing public displays of affection. However, it is somewhat of an unspoken rule that it is kept to a minimum. For example, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are never seen holding hands because of the "stoic values" of their generation. William and Kate also keep displays of love to a minimum. The unsaid rule is in place to avoid making anyone from a more conservative culture feel uncomfortable.

  • 2

    Wear Certain Nail Polish Colors

    Royal protocol states that only nude and/or neutral colors are allowed at official events. This is why you've never seen Duchess Kate or the Queen herself wearing anything too flashy. Even red is frowned upon here.

  • 3

    Wear Wedges

    Rumor has it that the Queen is not a fan of wedged heels. A source told Vanity Fair back in 2015, “the Queen isn’t a fan of wedged shoes. She really doesn’t like them and it’s well known among the women in the family.” Therefore, if the new Duchess of Sussex wants to rock the shoe type, it looks like it will have to be in the comfort of her own home, er palace, or an event where the Queen won't be attending.


  • 4

    Walk Into A Room / Sit Where She Wants

    It isn't first come, first serve anymore. Royal protocol says there's a procession and order in which family members enter a room. It starts with the Queen of course, and continues down the line. The good news is she probably won't have to sit alone - she'll likely be by her new husband. Either way, it's not up to her.

  • 5

    Go To Bed Before The Queen

    In an interview a few years back, a former employee for the family stated that the Queen had the "very old-fashioned" expectation that nobody hits the sack before her. According to said employee, Princess Diana used to do just that and the Queen was not a fan. It looks like Meghan may want to drink as much coffee as she can.


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