Ever since we bought our home, we've had a ton of projects to do.  That's where all of our money goes, that's where all of my free time goes.  I can't do anything about the time, but I can do something to make the money go a little farther- doing it yourself.  The best part about being a DIYer in the information age is you can literally learn how to do a project by just punching up youtube on your smartphone.

1.  Repairing appliances. Yeah it sounds crazy, but most household appliances are just simple parts put together.  The best thing about being a modern fix it guy or gal?  The internet is a great resource.  My dryer quit working last year.  Instead of calling a repair guy, or just buying a new one, I went online and found out what was wrong.  I carefully repaired it myself in about 20 minutes.  The total cost $54.  Now, the website I often check when stuff like this happens is repairclinic.com.

2.  Minor plumbing. I'm not talking about plumbing the entire house, just fixing a few things like a leaky sink or replacing a toilet.  It is sooo easy.  There's hardly anything to it.

3.  Fix a garage door. Ever have your over head garage door break on you.  Or maybe it closes, then comes back up every once in a while.  Garage doors can be tricky, but it sure is nice to know how to adjust one, or fix one on your own.  Most garage doors openers have adjustments on the motor that usually will fix any distance traveling problems.   The most important thing to remember if you are going to work on a garage door is to be careful of the powerful spring above it.  This can be very dangerous.

4.  Simple lighting/ electrical. I don't expect everyone to go as far as installing new wiring throughout their home, or even messing with the breaker box.  But at some point, you may need to install a new light or ceiling fan.  Save yourself some money and do it yourself!  This website below is always fun for some do it yourself tips.

5.  Replace Windows. I can't think of a house that at one point didn't need a new window at some point.  Don't get freaked out about replacing a window.  It's not all that hard.  You just need to make sure you buy the right kind of window and you have the proper tools.

The list can go on for just about anything in your house, but these are a few common things you can do to get started.  Remember to be safe.

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