It's the vacation season.  And whether you're flying out to some exotic destination or just heading to the cabin and the lake, there are many considerations to make before you even leave.  Some things - like packing a suitcase and determining what to take along with you - are what most people think about prior to the trip.  But what about what you leave behind - namely, what about your house?

Being gone from your home for an extended period of time brings with it some considerations - both from a security standpoint and from a practical one; even though you're gone, things still continue to happen at your house and in your neighborhood (i.e. garbage, mail, weather).  However, even short trips of  day or two need to be thought through prior to your departure.

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The good news is that there are simple ways you can make your home look as occupied as you can even while you are out of town.  Some of the ideas are time-worn, simple solutions to the age-old problem, while others are high-tech - but attainable - with modern advancements in technology.  Prepping your home in advance of an out-of-town trip is a process that doesn't need to be time-consuming or even difficult. Read on for some ideas you might not have though of before. Like many projects - prepping a home in advance of a vacation might take a little bit of legwork at the onset, but it can pay off dividends later on.

Ways To Make Your Home Look Occupied When You're On Vacation

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