If you're like most people, you won't think about Valentine's Day until "the day" is tomorrow.  Then it's a mad scramble for a card, flowers, candy or to figure out something romantic to do with your sweetheart.  I'm here to help from a chicks perspective and tell you what's NOT considered romantic for the holiday.


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    The Emergency Room

    If you're Valentine date involves a trip to the ER, maybe you should just postpone until you're feeling better.  I mean, kudos for not wanting to screw up the evening and I'm sure you'd rather have some company while you're waiting for 3-4+ hours, but THAT is not the definition of romantic.

  • Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth


    If you're on your way to jail and it's BEFORE the Valentine's date, you KNOW who that one call better be to (and hope she/he has bail money).  If it's during the date, just keep singing Keith Urban's "Cop Car" in hopes you can keep that spark alive.  If it's after the date, it's all good.  They say you should wait a couple of days to call her again anyhow :)

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    Coney Island

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hot dogs and I LOVE Coney Island, but romantic, nope.  For the Valentine holiday splurge a little.  That doesn't mean taking your sweetie to Sam's Club and indulging in the BIG Nathan's Beef Dinner Frank while you're waiting for your tires to be put on the rims either.  It means a sit down, dimly lit, "you remembered to make reservations" restaurant. Um, that requires calling ahead, FYI.

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    Anyplace That Involves Hazmat Suits

    I really needn't say more.  When I tell you to wear a suit to impress her, this is not even a choice!