I was lucky enough to get tickets to see 38 Special in Swea City Iowa several years ago when I was still working for KFMC in Fairmont MN.   The only song I knew off the top of my head was "Hold On Loosely," but I went anwyay.  Boy am I glad I did.It didn't take long for me to realize I knew a lot of their songs, like "Rockin' Into The Night," "Caught Up In You,"  "Second Chance," and more.  Also it was pretty cool because they sang a few Van Zant songs like the big hit at the time "Help Somebody."

38 Special puts on a heck of a show with high energy.  The good news is there is still tickets available for this Thursday night's performance at Clyde Iron.  Make sure to bring your lawn chair!

Here's a taste of 38 Special and what you can expect at the Summer Heat Concert.

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