As we shiver our way through the rest of winter in the Northland, it's always great to have events to look forward to as it helps the season be more enjoyable.

That's especially true when the event benefits people in the community and that's exactly the kind of win-win event that is coming to Clyde Iron Works.

The Bloody Mary Battle & Brunch will not only provide amazing food and drinks, but proceeds benefit Life House in Duluth, which is dedicated to helping Northland youth:

Incorporated in 1991, Life House has provided homeless youth ages 14 to 24 with unconditional support, transitional housing, and a safe alternative to navigating life circumstances that may lead to couch hopping or living on the streets. Life House serves approximately 900 unduplicated youth a year and we work with many young parents with children. In 1996, Life House opened the first transitional living facility for homeless youth in Minnesota.

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Life House has over 40 full-time employees, which is comprised of a close-knit team of professionals working to lift up young people in the area. Their work includes a Youth Drop-In Center, The Loft Shelter, Safe Harbor, mental health & awareness, and more.

Bloody Mary cocktail with spicy smoked ground chili pepper, ice and celery.

The Bloody Mary Battle & Bruch is set for Sunday, March 5 from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm at Clyde Iron Works, which is located at 2920 W. Michigan Street in Duluth.

They'll announce all the Bloody Mary samples that will be available closer to the event, but whatever they come up with is sure to be great, as will the brunch. There will also be live music from New Salty Dog during the event.

Tickets are on sale beginning Monday, February 6, so mark your calendar now and let's pack Clyde Iron Works and raise money for a fantastic cause at the Bloody Mary Battle & Brunch.

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