People have this misconception that if you're a guy, you probably don't cook.  Well in our house I do 90% of the cooking.  I'm kind of a Mr. Mom except I can't fold laundry to save my life.  So when Taste Of Home Cooking School comes to town, I pay attention and learn a few things.  Here's some things that have helped me in the kitchen that I learned at the traveling cooking school.  I've learned so much that now I'll be doing some of the behind the scenes cooking for the show!

1.  How to properly measure dry ingredients.  There's a method to getting the right amount of flour into a measuring cup.  First there is a difference between liquid and dry measuring tools.  And second, you don't pack it into the cup, you pour it into the measuring cup, then level it off with a utensil.  I honestly never knew before the show the right way to do it.

2.  How to cut a green pepper without getting seeds in your recipe. This is pretty simple, but something I struggled with for years.  Instead of chopping it in a dozen different ways, you can simply slice off the sides of the pepper and avoid the middle.  Works great!



3.  How To Can.  I honestly never have seen anything canned before.  Last year they showed us how to can some items.  Hot water bath totally made more sense after seeing it done.  I'm ready to can some pickled eggs!  (watch out!)

Everyone that goes to Taste of Home Cooking Show always learns at least something.  It's great for the beginner cook or the experienced chef.  Hope to see you tonight at Marshall School!  Tickets will be available at the door.   Doors open at 5!