My Comedy of Errors Leads to a Warning to You at the DMV
Buying tabs for your vehicle, camper, boat or any of your toys.  It seems like everything needs tabs.  Luckily or unluckily, some of our tabs are due at the same time so we have limited trips to the DMV.  I had to get two sets of tabs so I headed off to the DMV office in West Duluth.  I spent a good…
Christmas Party Buffet Tips And Foods With Recipes
Unless you have a dedicated dining room in your home like Glensheen, if you plan on having several guests for the holidays the best way to serve your goodies is with a buffet table.  The Christmas holiday makes for an easy buffet table with both foods and decoration.
Tips On Cleaning And Organizing Your Closet
Cleaning my clothes closet has been on my "to do" list since August.  I finally got the inspiration to git r done over the holiday break.  Here are a few things I did to make the most of the tiny space I call my closet.  In the picture you see me bidding farewell to …
Proctor Ice Arena Burglarized By Thieves
Crime continues in the Northland and no community is immune.  This time it was the City of Proctor.  The Proctor Police Department wants to talk with you if you have information about the break-in at the Proctor Ice Arena.

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