There were 12 candidates vying for the Mayoral position when Don Ness was elected as Mayor of Duluth in 2007. He chose to run for a second term and was unopposed.  That was the first time that had happened in Duluth since it was incorporated in 1887.  He has made the decision to not run for a third term.  I wanted to highlight a few of the "candid" moments during his time in office.  I admire his ability to take on the serious issues while still maintaining his relationship with the community and being VERY "real".  I hope you enjoy these memories and it puts a smile on your face.



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    Cathy Kates And Mayor Don Ness Reminisce

    I had the opportunity to talk with Mayor Ness about my favorite and most humorous memories of him. (actually he had some explaining to do!)  He will provide you some insight to the videos you're about to watch and share HIS fondest memory which is very endearing!

    Mayor Ness has many talents, the latest of which is author.  At the time of writing this blog, Mayor Ness was putting the finishing touches on his book entitled "Snapshot Essays" by Mayor Don Ness and sending it to the printer.  I'm so excited for this book, it will be interesting both with text and pictures!  How often can you read a history book that you were actually part of?

    Pre-order your copy [here].

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    Mayor Don Ness Rockin' the Gangam Style

    Mayor Don Ness busts a move and shows us he's got rhythm when asked to dance the world popular song, Gangnam Style

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    Mayor Don Ness Acts In The GOOGLE FIBER Goes To Twin Ports Movie

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    Mayor Don Ness Sings "Potholes"

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