We all like to predict things that may happen in the year ahead - who will be releasing new music? Which celebrity couple won't make it?

Well, one famous psychic likes to do the same thing. A psychic, called Psychic Nikki, makes predictions for what the year ahead holds. She covers weather events, celebrity culture and world news.

She made nearly 700 predictions for 2019 and I sifted through the good, the bad and the "NO WAY" to create this list of the 25 wildest things that she says may occur soon:

  1. Penguins will invade cities.
  2. A lost world will be found under the sea.
  3. Sharks will surround a cruise ship of some kind.
  4. Many shipwrecks will be found, including a Spanish Galleon ship.
  5. Old-fashioned ice cream parlors will make a big comeback.
  6. A big whiskey company will go bankrupt.
  7. A shark will kill a famous movie star.
  8. The largest salmon in the world will be caught.
  9. Large vampire bats will invade a city.
  10. There will be a fist fight between two news anchors on live television.
  11. A famous chef will be before a judge and may go to jail.
  12. People will start to marry robots.
  13. A beauty queen will win the crown only to get cold feet, return it and rush off the stage crying - all while on live television.
  14. A comedian will win an Oscar for a serious role.
  15. Lady Gaga will play a queen in a new movie.
  16. Lady Gaga will also be nominated for an Oscar and win.
  17. A Hollywood couple will break up on a talk show.
  18. James Corden will venture into the business world and open karaoke bars across the country.
  19. Bradley Cooper will be nominated for a ton of awards and will win them.
  20. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman will break up.
  21. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will divorce.
  22. Royals Kate and William will have marriage problems.
  23. Kate and William will have another child.
  24. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have another baby quickly after the first.
  25. Harry's ex-girlfriend will cause some trouble for him.

There ya have it! By the way, It is important to note that I skipped most of the darker predictions, as this list is just supposed to be light and fun.

Whether you believe in psychics or not, you can see some of Psychic Nikki's predictions that HAVE come true on her website and then browse through the hundreds of her other thoughts for 2019.

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