It was 1990.  I joined (because my friends did) our local Cub Scout Pack.  I was in cub scouts for several years, and there are two things I vividly remember.  One day camping trip we went on, and selling a ton of popcorn.  I mean a ton!

I even remember the incentive item that I picked one year.  If we sold some huge amount of money of popcorn we could pick out certain items.  My goal was a red telescope.  I made the goal!  I got my red telescope in the mail!  I set it up, and pointed to the stars!

Two days later I broke it free from the tripod it sat on and used it as a pretend pirate's telescope.  Then it probably broke or was lost in the woods.

Anyway, I'm back at it again as our 1st grader has joined Cub Scouts.  Our very first day we were handed our first sheets for slinging popcorn.  Look for me sitting outside of a grocery store soon, teaching kids how to sell popcorn with cuteness.



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