Say it ain't so!

According to new reports, a popcorn shortage may soon be hitting the midwest, including Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Why? It rained so much this spring that many growers didn't even plant. Even if planters started a bit later and did get to grow a bit, it isn't as much as usual, which means supply will fall short of demand. reports that the continuation of "record-breaking rainfall" is soaking the fields that were recently planted, which means plants may drown due to the excess precipitation.

Basically, with less popcorn to go around, prices may increase, which means we will have to shell out more dough next time we go to the fair or the movie theater!

Popcorn is definitely a necessary part of the movie-viewing experience so I will happily pay a bit more if it means I can have my bucket of it. Ha!

Just a few days ago, Frito-Lay announced a recall of one type of their barbecue chips. Hopefully we can eat all our favorite foods normally again soon.

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