I primarily fish the St. Louis River right here in our backyard.  It has some great fishing, and about every species you can think of.  This Saturday, for it's opening day, there wasn't a single species biting.  Not in our boat, at least.

The weather was pretty beautiful.  It was definitely one of the best days of this stubborn spring yet.  I had to work in the morning, so my step dad and I went out in the afternoon for a couple of hours.  I wanted to avoid a lot of traffic, so I went out and fished the harbor instead of the upper river.  (First time out jitters with an old motor, you never know if you're gonna hold people up trying to star the 'ol johnson at the dock.)

I really didn't expect to have much luck.  I thought maybe I'd hook at least a perch or something in a few of my favorite spots.

We weren't alone out in the harbor, there was probably 5 or 6 boats trying their luck.  That's a pretty small number for opener.  I talked with several of them, and nobody was having any luck.  I also chatted with some friends that fished the upper river and nobody caught anything.   Same held true for a buddy fishing an inland lake.

I blame the cold water.  The spawn must be slow to start. The recent heavy rains also made the water ridiculously muddy.  You couldn't see your spinner a foot underwater.

But you know what they say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at the office.