With the upcoming Josh Turner concert coming up at the DECC on September 30, (get your tickets here), I thought I would share this story with you, so you are aware and keep an eye on those friends that have no fear!

This is just stupid and no fault but their own.  I feel sorry for the person driving the SUV!  I know you are responsible for watching, being careful and being in control of your vehicle at all times.  But, who would expect that two human beings would be laying, YES laying, in the roadway???

Two people, who had just attended the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert in New Jersey were run over outside of the venue by an SUV in the parking lot.  Now at first I was horrified and thought what a terrible way to end a probably fantastic evening of Country music, but then I found out why.

The two people were laying down on the pavement.  Now police DID say that the parking lot was well lit and that alcohol was involved.  So, then I thought oh, the driver of the SUV was drunk, but nope...it was the two pedestrians laying on the ground that were inebriated.

One victim was 21 year old Jessica Hillman, she suffered a broken pelvis, a broken leg and head trauma and was brought to a local hospital by helicopter. Her condition is serious but stable. The other was 24 year old Charles Wright, he apparently was doing better than Jessica.  He refused medical attention and evidently suffered only minor injuries.

Be smart and think about your actions.  The decisions you make could be life altering for you and others involved.

Info via:  Taste of Country