This Video Will Scare You To Slow Down on Icy Roads [VIDEO]
If you can remain calm while watching this video, there is something wrong with you.  This string of accidents happened back in 2014 in Montana, and they are using it as a tool to teach drivers to slow down!  Traffic whizzes by within inches of a woman who was ejected after an accident on …
Deadly Plane Crash in Taiwan Caught on Dashcam Video
This is pretty shocking.  A plane crashed in Taiwan and it was caught on a dashboard camera in a car.  It appears the plane falls out of the sky and crashes into the bridge that the car was driving on.  The death toll of the accident isn't clear yet as the numbers keep rising.
Duluth School Bus Involved In Accident On Grand Avenue [Pics]
While on air this morning, the Breakfast Club received several calls from listeners reporting an accident on Grand Avenue in Duluth involving a school bus and two vehicles.  Ken and I passed this information along hoping to divert traffic from that area while awaiting word from the authorities …
It Could Have Happened To Any of Us, Prayers For Alyssa Lommel
It's such a tragedy, and it is heartbreaking to hear the story of what happened to Alyssa Lommel.  The UMD student was found on her neighbor's porch after being outside in -17F weather all night.  She had been out partying with friends when they dropped her off at home.   Sh…

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