Lindsey Downing Was A Dirty Chick, And Loved It, See Her Pics
So many stories came out of the Dirty Chicks. If you talked to 10 ladies, you would get 16 different stories. You think my math is wrong, here are some pictures telling a different story than someone else who took pictures. A special thank you to Lindsey Downing for letting me share her pictures.
Dirty Chicks Through The Eyes Of Sandy Shumann
Sandy Shumann came to Dirty Chicks and had a great time, she took a lot of pictures. I told anyone that wanted to share them to send them to me, and Sandy did. Thank You!! See if you can find yourself in some of these.
Sometimes You Get More For Your Money With Kids
It's just me and Sam at home and we have been trying to do "boys" stuff. Sam has been making suggestions. Sometimes when you have time off you want to fix stuff or clean stuff, and that's what I was doing when Sam said, "Daddy, when do we do something fun!!??&…

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