For lunch today I tried McDonald's new CBO Sandwich which stands for cheddar bacon onion.  It was somewhat the more healthy option compared to the Angus Third Pounder.   The crispy chicken is 630 calories, compared to the Angus beef which is 790 calories.  Here's how the sandwich scored based on my criteria.

Scoring goes from 1(poor)-5(excellent).  There are 4 categories with the highest score possible 20.


Maybe it was because the sandwich was falling out of the box, but it wasn't the best presentation, but this sandwich doesn't really have a lot to show off with looks.  Cheddar, bacon, onion- not much of a fast food color scheme.  It did however have the premium box, and the cheese wasn't melted beyond recognition.

Taste:  3

The taste won't blow you away, but you'll be tasting what you can expect: cheddar, bacon, and onion.  I'm a big onion fan too, but for some reason this fried onion seems a bit overpowering.

Quantity: 5

Biggest chicken sandwich I've ever had at a fast food restaurant.  It's an actual chicken breast, as you can tell because it definitely isn't the shape of the bun.  It's a filling sandwich.

Price:  3

The sandwich was $4.79.  Not terrible, but a little pricey.  It would have scored lower if the sandwich I had wasn't so filling, but it was.

Overall score:  14.5 out of 20

The CBO is something worth trying.  If you're like me, it won't be a new favorite, but it will be something I will probably order again if it's still on the menu when I feel like a chicken sandwich.  (Available only for a limited time.)