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Burger King ‘Whopperrito’ Review
I finally got the chance to try a Burger King Whopperito.  If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a Whopper that's been thrown into a burrito wrapper.  You add a little taco sauce and you've got a new menu item.   How would this taste?
Burger King A1 Hearty Mozzerella Bacon Cheesburger Review
I'm a big fan of Burger King.  I think they have better burgers than a lot of the other national chains.  It also helps that there is one right next to my work, and another 2 blocks from my house.  Today I stopped to get a burger.  My favorite in the last few months has been…
Find Out What 2,000 Calories Actually Looks Like
Here's a helpful video, if you were wondering how many carrots you could eat without going over 2,000 calories. If that sounds like something you definitely do not need to know, 2,000 calories is also quantified in Big Macs, pizza, Chipotle burritos and delicious, delicious avocados...
Arby’s New York Reuben Sandwich Review
I didn't eat my first Reuben sandwich until I was 27 years old.  I guess I was a late bloomer with corn beef.  My mom hated it so she never cooked it growing up.  I was deprived of this delicious discovery until several years ago.  Now, one of my favorite sandwiches is the Reuben.  But where do you …

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