LOOK AT THAT FACE!  Adorbs!  Not one, but TWO sets of lemur twins were born this past summer at the Lake Superior Zoo's Primate Conservation Center!  The first set was a male and a female born on May 31.  The second set were both female born on June 29.  The staff at the zoo have come up with a fun way to name the babies and help biodiversity in Madagascar!

Everyone attending Boo at the Zoo the next two weekends, will get the chance to help name the Lake Superior Zoo's baby lemurs while also donating to the Madagascar Fauna Group.

The Lake Superior Zoo invites you to cast ballots in this fun contest for your favorite names at Boo at the Zoo, October 11 and 18, 2014.  Here's how:

Guests will be asked to make a small donation when they vote. All funds raised will be sent to the Madagascar Fauna Group (MGF) a consortium of zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens working together to save biodiversity in Madagascar. MFG works to protect habitat for Madagascar’s 101 species of lemurs, along with other animal and fauna conservation efforts.

Zookeeper Emily Pann says,

“Madagascar’s biodiversity crisis is alarming. About 75% of the animal species native to Madagascar are found nowhere else in the world. Madagascar’s lemurs are the most threatened mammal group on earth and they face numerous threats from humans, including a loss of habitat due to deforestation and the illegal hardwood trade and being hunted for their meat.”

The keepers at the zoo suggested names that are Celtic and consistent with the names of most of the other troop members. They did, however, throw one Malagasy name into the mix.

Choices for the male:


  •  Killian Little warlike one
  •  Riley Loving, affectionate, compassionate

 Choices for the three females:


  • Aidan Little fiery one
  • Caley Slender
  • Felana* Petal
  • London Wild & bold
  • Lorelei Dependable, conservative
  • Siobhan Freedom, loving, adventurous

*Malagasy name