Locally, we have heard warnings of scams involving the IRS involving fake phone calls especially now that it's tax time, people on the side of the road next to a vehicle with their hood up pretending to need assistance and there was the one about the post it note on your windshield after you've come out from shopping.  This is the latest scam I've heard of and the best advice I can give is know your surroundings and keep your guard up.

Reading these kind of stories always gets my adrenaline going because I think of my daughter and her vulnerability in so many situations.  But, the young gal that experienced this latest scam was smart and I want to share her story so you and your family can be smart too.

She was leaving her job at a mall in Flint, MI walking and walking to her car.  Now, if that was me at 19 I'm sure I would have been checking my text messages or lost in thought of what I was going to go do, but this gal noticed a flannel shirt on her windshield and made note that she heard a car running nearby, so she got into her car and locked the doors.  Instead of getting out to remove it, she tried her windshield wipers and noticed that someone had actually taken the time to attach the flannel shirt to her windshield with the buttons.  A very deliberate action.  I applaud this woman for continuing to think clearly, I'm sure she was scared, confused and rattled.  She made the smart decision to drive to another area where it was safe for her to remove the shirt, then she notified mall security and their local police department.  They will be looking at surveillance video and she says she will now use mall security to walk her to her car after her shift.

Please, please, please remember if there is something on your windshield just get in your car and lock the doors, drive to somewhere safe to retrieve it.  I've heard of horror stories where the person has started the car, then noticed something on their windshield and gotten out to retrieve it only to have someone come up, get in their car and leave with their car and their purse which they now have your home address on your driver's license, the keys to your house and all your personal information.

Be safe, know your surroundings and if something doesn't look right to you, trust your instinct.  Keep thinking clearly and go to a safe place to check things out.

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