Beginning this week people are required to be wearing masks in public buildings in the City of Minneapolis. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey signed the order requiring face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19 last week. It took effect on Tuesday, May 26th.

Under the order people are required to wear face masks indoors in public buildings in the city. That includes stores, hotels, stores, skywalks, etc. According to WCCO, Mayor Frey said this is not to "criminalize" people for not wearing masks. It's to ensure that there is a common standard to ensuring the best interest in public health.

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Businesses violating the mask policy could see a written citation. They don't need to offer masks to the public, but they do need to require that their employees wear masks. If anyone has a complaint about someone not wearing a mask, they can dial the 311 hotline number. Individuals could also face a written warning letter or misdemeanor charge.

Mayor Jacob Frey called the order #MaskUPMPLS campaign.

He also posted on Facebook that their had been many donations of home made masks for the campaign.

The official beginning to the mask order was 5pm on Tuesday May 26th. Today is the first day businesses will be opening up with the requirement.

In Minnesota as of May 27th there are 21,690 positive COVID-19 cases. 899 Minnesotans have died from the virus. Of the 899 deaths, 732 came from assisted living facilities. The Star Tribune reported yesterday of record number of ICU beds in use in Minnesota. Following Memorial Day weekend there were 248 ICU beds in use.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:




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