There's a unique job posting where they are offering someone to binge watch the hunting show MeatEater for $1,000. Gear Lobo has posted the job and is looking for an individual who is active on social media and willing to live update during their binge watching marathon. You also have to be at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the U.S.

The entire MeatEater series consists of 8 seasons, with 108 episodes totaling 41 hours and 3 minutes. If you get the job, you'll not only get $1,000. They're also giving you a pretty sweet prize package that consists of The MeatEater Fish & Game Cookbook, MeatEater t-shirt, a yeti tumbler, MeaterEater Skull Sticker, a year subscription to outdoor TV, a folding knife, and Jack Links beef jerky. That's a sweet prize pack.

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If you're unfamiliar with MeatEater, it's a hunting and fishing outdoors show where host Steve Rinella brings you along on different outdoors trips. He covers different types of hunts all over the world. Part of this job to watch the show is to come up with the best 3 episodes. That's going to be tough because there are so many great ones that stand out. I know I've learned a ton about hunting, and watching this show has changed the way I view the outdoors. Steve and his crew are really big into using public land for hunting, and educating people about all of the different places you can legally hunt. When a new season has come out on Netlfix, I've binged watched the entire season.

And, as you would expect, the show spends a lot of time educating people on how to prepare wild game. They have some delicious recipes and certain episodes dedicated solely to cooking and preparing the hunt. Every episode shows how they prepare what they've hunted and sharing a meal, whether it's a dinner table or on a tailgate of a truck.

You can apply for the job to watch the show at Gear Lobo, but get in line. My application is already in!

Here's a web exclusive episode so you can get the idea of what you'll be watching:

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