Kevin Koen has been making maple syrup for the past 30 years.  Ten of those years have been in my hometown of Wrenshall.  Amazingly, it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.  Kevin and his friends spend hours upon hours boiling sap to perfection, making delicious hand-crafted maple syrup.


They have the capability to boil off eight gallons an hour, (someone else did the math, but...) it takes 5 hours to boil one gallon of syrup.  They modified their stove to get to that capacity.  They end up going through 400 and 600 gallons of sap a year to make enough syrup to give to all their friends.

My favorite part was sitting in front of the stove watching the fire while the sap boiled most of the evening, enjoying an adult beverage, conversation and lots of laughter!

*A special thank you to Kevin and the Sugar Shack crew for allowing me to "crash their party" and video their maple syrup making process this year.  Next year, I'll apply for the Apprentice Helper and see if we can't move Randy up the chain!